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  1. @SimonD Thank you so much! Invaluable information you've given me about checking moisture content of the timber. And will ensure we use an engineer with the right skills. Thank you again.
  2. @Mr Punter The outer finish specced by the architect is vertical wood cladding.
  3. I think you're right about there being so much work @the_r_sole. The chippies seemed genuinely keen to work with us, but warned us that views on timber frame constructions are a bit backwards. That's really interesting to hear about Scotland, I didn't realise that. I'm not originally from the UK, and a bit perplexed by some of the views here - even though I absolutely love this history of houses here and daren't to take away the character from the original building and even interior. But since a modern extension isn't going to match the existing building anyway, I'm not sure why it needs to be of the same construction? I see English people smacking modern conservatories onto old houses all the time ?
  4. Hi there, We had some plans drawn up by an architect for a 1.6m x 3.8 metre extension to the back of our kitchen. The extension itself is not very big, but allows us to re-jig the current layout so that the utility/WC at the back of the house, will move into the current dining area so that we can use that space as a small snug to overlook the garden. Currently the best view of the garden is taken up by the Utility/WC. I'll try and keep this brief: The architect recommended a building company to undertake the whole project. Initial quote was reasonable and within budget, and as the architect's preferred firm we were going to go with them. But they then had an internal problem where it turns out the employee who quoted us had been fudging things and lying about start dates. They apologised and sent us a revised quote and revised start date (months later) - except the revised quote was 90% higher than the original quote. We were expecting costs to rise, but not by that much! We now think they're trying to get rid of us because our project is just too small for them. But we're also now questioning whether the layout change has been over-specced by the architect for our budget. We have since been trying to get revised quotes, but obviously, many builders are really busy. We then met with a builder who is a chippie, and he recommended that since the new extension will be clad in wood anyway, we have a timber frame extension to save on costs (and they are available, unlike most brickies). Because he works for himself, but alongside other contractors, going with him would mean: a) We're switching to timber frame for the small extension. b) We'd need to self-manage the build and order supplies ourselves... we are able to do that (we both work from home), but I do have some questions: Everything I've read about timber frame extensions is really positive, except that in the UK it doesn't seem as common. When I spoke to a structural engineer he suggested that he'd expect to see a masonry extension to a masonry property - but is that just a traditional view? Or are there genuine other concerns about doing such a small extension as a timber frame? The building company recommended by the architect have also since quoted for a shell only build - but that takes us right to our budget limit anyway, so don't see this as an option. Any input much appreciated.
  5. Hi there, stumbled across this forum looking for answers relating to a small extension that should make a big change, and was really impressed by the range of topics and input. We live in a 1916 built semi-detached red brick. As a Graphic designer, I do the planning , other half does the DIY and grafting. Had plans drawn up by an architect who lined up some builders, builders let us down... now looking at project managing it ourselves. I'll save the rest for a separate topic in the extensions bit, just wanted to say hello first.
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