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  1. Thank you for such an informative answer, Mark! Much appreciated!
  2. Thank you, Mark! Out of interest, what holds the weight of the stairs (and anyone walking on them)? Would they rest on the floor of the first floor, or are they attached to multiple points - floor, the wall, etc.?
  3. Dear BuildHub members, Hope that you could help me with this loft conversion matter! I live in a semi-detached house with a massive loft space, and we would like to start making small changes to the house layout to potentially make it easier to convert out loft. We reasoned that the extra room upstairs will need a set of stairs, and I have quickly drawn an identical set of steps above the existing one. As you can see, it presently overlaps with a boiler, which we could move: My question is: is it structurally possible to place a new set of stairs on top of the existing ones without adding any extra (vertical?) reinforcement? What will hold the weight of the new set of stairs? Thank you in advance!