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  1. Thanks for all the feedback it really helped. I spoke to the builder about the foundations etc and could tell he was chatting rubbish, he kept changing his story. Telling me one thing & my wife another. Structural engineer came and said the same as what you're all saying. It's basically a dangerous structure and has to come down.
  2. Yes, they're going to cast a lintel. The last 2 pics are the start of the columns the extension will stand on.
  3. I'm have a floating extension built, it's early days. The builders have put up the columns & started to build a load-bearing wall but when I came home & saw the work, it didn't feel me with much confidence. I've attached pictures. There are gaps in the mortar & the fact they have used rubble for some of the brick work can't be right. I wanted to ask people with more knowledge about this than I have. Should I stop this job & find another builder? Thanks in advance for you're help.