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  1. Thanks for the response, I have actually reached out top the planning officer directly to confirm then I can re-submit based on her response.
  2. This only came to light yesterday afternoon so have not had correct drawings made up yet. This is one of the original drawings that shows the dog leg albeit at 400mm instead of 600mm but is the 1st floor elevation.
  3. Hi, Looking for some advice here as works have gotten under way on my modest kitchen extension on my home in SW London (Merton). My builder and I realised my architect has not correctly added the 600mm dog leg return (highlighted in diagram) that is on the rear of the house. This means the flank wall will be 5.1m instead of the 4.7 -4.9m (varies on different elevations) on the approved drawings (attached). The Shared boundary wall will be 4.5m and this is what the planning officer mentions in her report. So I suppose my question is that as long as we build 4.5m on the shared boundary which happens to be the side of the house that protrudes further then does it matter about the depth of the flank wall? My builder and architect both seem to think it will be fine but looking for second opinions as they wont be the ones left holding the baby if some one comes knocking. Many thanks in advance.