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  1. The pipe goes 15 meters through our garden before it hits the public sewer, it has no connections untill that point. I believe we're OK there, it's the rainwater pipe we're having to do the build over agreement with and a diversion too
  2. Stop digging! I'll definitely have that advice thanks. Thats 2 things in life I wont do again, digging and painting. We had a cctv on the drains and at 3.3 meters out from house the pipe takes a nose dive, the trench is around 5 meters from the house, so even if I do find it it'll be on a vertical slope making it a nightmare to work with. I'll call the BCO tomorrow and see if he can possibly change his mind Many thanks
  3. Had the BCO around today and he's happy with the footings at 1m deep in clay. He has requested that I dig down where the soil pipe goes under the strip footing, so I can shutter it and concrete around it and under. I have been digging in clay for ages now, I have gone down at least another meter and its becoming almost impossible now yet no sign of any soil pipe. How far potentially could it be? Is there a max depth for these pipes? Are there any alternative solutions as this digging the bottom of a trench stuff in clay is miserable. The footings are all dug and the ground has been reduced so we cant get a digger in there. Any advice appreciated Many thanks
  4. They'll be here soon, I hope we don't have to go any lower. The house foundations are 1 meter down but the concrete only looks 200mm at most? I thought we might have to follow suit? Many thanks
  5. Morning We have found our existing property foundations to be 1 meter below ground. How much of that depth will need to ge filled with concrete please? The foundations should be dug out by Thursday and BC are coming that day. Many thanks
  6. Could be simpler to remain as is then. I will consider moving the boiler, I may even need to upgrade it to meet the increased demand. I will definitely have an engineer do all gas side of things and provide the relevant documentation Many thanks
  7. I have submitted all the drawings/notes to BC. I can only presume they see no issue's. Àfter a previous suggestion of building a timber framed building I liked the idea of, I was interested to know if it was possible to make changes at this stage. I wood feel much more confident working with timber as opposed to brick and mortar. The boiler is currently in the kitchen at the rear left , we would much prefer it not to be there. The utility area on the opposite of the wall it's on would be nice. The store will home the bins and maybe the kids bikes too Many thanks
  8. 72 Lon Glanfor - Outline Building Specification (1).pdf 72 Lon Glanfor - Building Regulations Drawings.pdf
  9. It's a 2 story side extension though, I can't imagine that in timber. The rear extension is one story and would look great in timber. That would make me so happy to build with timber but I know the price nearly doubled recently. I wander if I could save money with a rear timber extension? Many thanks
  10. So it's not set in stone ( so to speak) Would I need to reapply to planning?
  11. As I know very little I had hardly any input with building specifications, i just told him what building I wanted he drew it up. I wouldn't want to ask him too much, just incase he invoices me!
  12. I would love a timber framed jobbie I would make the with my handsaw and a big ole chisel. Thing is now the plans are drawn up and passed I think I have to stick with it???