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  1. The sneaky buggers actually came around the proerty whilst I was out and gathered more info to cover their arses...even admitted he'd been around too.
  2. We paid a local drainagae company to survey our drains prior to excavation. They provided us with a video clip and a drawing saying that the soil went in a acertain direction and was clear of any public drains. We excavated and found public drain running through the back of the house. The footings have been open for weeks and we have not been able to move forward until welsh water give us a build over and diversion, no idea how much longer this may take. We called the drainage company and asked for a refund, theyre not playing ball. Is there some governing body we can contact over this issue? I feel totaly ripped off and am having to pay welsh water to do the survey again. I'll include their "diagarm" to show their professionalism S25C-921102613540.pdf
  3. 72 Lon Glanfor - Outline Building Specification.pdf
  4. Thanks, The BCO had us go 1m deep to match the existing footings of the house, its clay. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! I may not have even got myself in this mess if I had it. 72 Lon Glanfor - Building Regulations Drawings.pdf
  5. Thanks, Were having the opening reduced to 2.4 so the lintel should only be 2.7m. The foundations have been dug and there are some drainage issues, the soil pipe goes under the footings and under next doors conny. The SE is in talks with welsh water trying to convince them not to divert. We have no agent! We dont have the money, I know it seems mad but me and my wife have no bedroom and its been this way for 8 years. It's an awkward situation but her divorce from her previous husband turned out to be way more costly than she initially though when we committed to this process, taking nearly 50% of our budget and leaving us in this predicament. Welsh water are throwing extortionate figures around for a diversion and the whole thing is turning into a nightmare, I can see we didn't do our research properly. We also had some bad advice etc but theres only one way out of this and the build will ultimately get done. I feel like I'm really up poo creak without a paddle but we have 2 kids etc etc so I need to sort this out.
  6. There was a conservatory at the back of the house which we have since removed to accommodate the extension, BCO has noticed that there wasnt any records of plans done for it 20 years ago. He wants the lintel verified. I have asked the SE and he's offered to design a replacement or verify the one that's there. I have a feeling it needs replacing, the opening is 2.8m and from the outside it looks like there is only 100mm standing either side. I need to remove some bricks to be sure. We paid the architect to do some basic drawings, I am unsure of how much responsibility he has. Thanks
  7. Thanks, I've just looked and the drawing's don't state anywhere about how the floor is to be constructed in the store, I have just assumed its the same all over? I've just emailed the architect.
  8. BCO always seems to have no time, I reckon your spot on there. I'll talk to SE tomorrow, I'll first explore exposing the current lintel and hope it's adequate. The SE has also added a "wind post" in, no one else has mentioned that? Your probably right about the "return less than 665 for the store room" as it looks like there will be two lintels bearing on one wall there. I have put a blue circle around where i mean. Thanks for the help!
  9. It's me that's puzzled, I would imagine the architect is up on things but I cant work exactly what I need an SE for as I cant afford to pay out for unnecessary work.
  10. thanks, it will be concrete specification the same as the house 450mm deep overall. Another thing that I want to know is the opening to the garage will be lower then the DPC, how does that work when constructing the footings up to DPC ?
  11. Yes it is, but its only 2150 wide and 3128 deep. I doubt we could fit our car in it. Especially after "storing" bins and bikes etc, although I realise that if we moved out then someone else could use it for the car and that needs to be considered. Would that mean then we should dig an extra 100mm down in the footings under the slab of the store? or would it not need as much insulation?
  12. How would this be achieved? The BCO has asked the architect to amend our plans to provide a 100mm step down from the new extension house part, into the store part of the garage. The architect said simply "ensure a step is provided" Wouldn't having a step of 100mm mean having the slab in the store 100mm lower than the slab in the house? If so, would the drawings/specification need to be altered to change the slab foundation?
  13. Hi BCO have had a look at our drawings for the extension and have come back with a list of amendments. I have sent this list over to the architect and he has pointed out the things he's going to rectify and the things we need a structural engineer for. I'm not sure how much involvement we need form a structural engineer, we currently are using one for drainage issues and I have asked him to design a lintel for us and he has quoted me for 6 lintels. We only have 1 needing to be more than 3 meters, building control initially advised me that we don't need a structural engineer design for lintels less than 3 meter. Does this sound right? I'm trying to understand what being asked by BCO here, these are from his list of amendments. DJ is the architect and his comments are at the bottom:
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