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  1. This is what is stated in the notes.. 300mm concrete block cavity walling (550mm to Porch) up to DPC level with 50mm cavity filled with mortar to ground level. If it's pretty standard then fair enough I just wasn't overly sure. I'm maybe just over thinking it, as per usual. 😆
  2. I don't at the moment, these just got sent to me. I'll get some more and post them.
  3. Okay... There's quite a few like pictured.
  4. Evening folks, All the block work for my sub-build has been completed but I was thinking that some of it looks a bit 'slap dash' in the way that the perp joints are only half full, cement not cleaned off other block work etc. Okay most of it will be covered up but I’m now a bit wary of the same builder carrying out the rest of the blockwork. This may be totally normal practice in the industry or I may have overly high expectations. So I was just wondering what everyone else thought of their own blockwork? Photos can be sent over private message if required.
  5. It's a few miles out of Inverurie near Fintray.
  6. Hello folks, finally about to start my new build in Aberdeenshire so thought I would try and document it. I’ll do my best to keep it updated. It's been a long road to get here but the builders are due to start very shortly so the site has been stripped ready for them. Electricity is due to go in mid July, Scotframe kit in August and water will be getting dug in after herst. Below is a photo of the site plan so you have an idea of whats happening. Couple of photos to show the progress so far Site fenced off Sept 2018 Clearing the entrance and making a road in/turning area. Site strippped and ready for the builders to make a start. Next will be the sub build and electricity connection in a few weeks. I'll do my best to keep it updated but I normally forget to take photos
  7. I was under the impression that if the house had been signed off completed then I would need to resubmit a planning application for the garage but come to think of if it maybe not. I'll have a look deeper into it. Taking the hit with the garage vat was one of the issues I had thought about and might just have to deal with. Thanks
  8. Hello, just looking for some advice about whether a completion certificate is required before moving onto a standard mortgage? Or would they be happy with a temporary occupation cert? My building warrant plans show a house and detached garage. My thinking is that I could get a self build mortgage for the house and get that completed then move onto a standard mortgage prior to completing the garage if that makes sense. It may not be doable or I'm not understanding it correctly but just looking at ways to reduce the time/amount on a self build mortgage. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, it's greatly appreciated. I thought that was maybe the case with the 6kVA thing, I'll just leave it as is. What would happen if they realised this in the future, do you reckon they would try and claw back the costs of a new transformer?
  10. Afternoon folks, hope you all had a nice Christmas. I'm looking for a bit of advice / comparision before I get back in touch with SSE. I got an estimate for my electricity connection which was £5500 - 6000 with myself doing all the digging, reinstatement and supplying sand etc. Does this sound about right? The estimate was also for a 6kVA supply when I asked for 12 - 16kVA. So my question is, would 6kva be adequate for a single family house? Or would this be due to the transformer being near it's max capacity? Or maybe just a plain old typo. Thanks Connection.pdf