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  1. There are 3 flats in the converted building. We each own a share of the freehold. We have a limited company of which the directors are the freeholders of the three flats. This limited company employs a management company to manage the building.
  2. We are planning an extension and removal of some load bearing walls in our ground floor flat. There is one first floor flat and one second floor flat above us. I know we need to serve a party wall notice. Do we also need to serve a line of junction notice? I assume the line of junction is at the floor joists of the flat above. The steels will be erected close to the floor joists above but not touching them. Do we need to serve an excavation and construction notice? The outer wall of the extension is the only new wall and will be within 3 metres of the existing structure plus will adjoin the side of the current structure. Any thoughts gratefully received! Caroline
  3. We live in a converted building (3 flats) in the ground floor flat. We are planning a small extension and removal of some existing load bearing walls to alter the current layout. My husband will do the work with his Dad, both builders but do not have insurance and do not own their own companies. What insurance do we need? I assume public liability, but what else? We've contacted our buildings insurance provider (taken out via our management company under the name of our building's limited company of which we are directors) to let them know and see if they can provide any cover but I'm not sure how much they'll cover. I'd be grateful for any advice. Thank you, Caroline