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  1. Im saying I suspect the builders have not correctly installed the boards edge to edge and left gaps which were not filled, and am just wondering exploring further insulation options. It is a new extension currently ongoing. That makes sense, at least we find our warm air gap in the inch. Can you state how much state how much of a difference the 50mm internally had?
  2. It is possible but why not put the 50mm PIR between the battens and plasterboard screw straight infront of it saving the 25mm?
  3. Having read the latest comments i assume the best action would be to have 50mm of insulation inside behind the plasterboard rather than 100mm on the outside, especially since im suspecting the builders of not taking the care to thoroughly execute the installation of the 50mm boards without gaps around the dozens and dozens of wall ties. The silicone K rend alone should probably more than suffice for providing the additional protection to reduce bridging and condensation. Now would 50mm rockwool or 50mm celotex be the best option between the 50mm battens behind the plasterboard? Any better alternatives?
  4. Very interesting. I find it surprising that adding 100mm on the outside equals an absolute zero advantage in terms of U-value. And that the 50mm gap is the equivalent to an infinite gap if you know what I mean. Any disadvantages with a complete cavity fill with 50mm inside and 100mm outside? Anything im missing? Except not paying proper attention and getting it right the first time?
  5. Thank you, was more the answer I was looking for in the beginning but got a lot of insight from nod, now so I have made my mind up to go ahead with the 100mm XPS under the render, but would like to ask if I should fill that cavity at all? The roof isn't on yet so wondered if you would think of giving it a fill of some sort of leave it as it?
  6. Hi Nod thanks for your input, what I really am trying to comprehend is the the effectiveness of the EWI while there's a ventillation gap. If the air gap would mean the outside 100mm EWI has its heat saving properties reduced due to the 50mm gap in the cavity.
  7. Hi guys, Ongoing extension Have 50mm cavity insulation with 50mm air gap, suspect 50mm insulation boards not fitted properly Just thinking wouldn't it be kind of useless to have 100m external insulation wall insulation since I have a 50mm air gap between walls? Thoughts?
  8. Hi guys, not gonna lie i am grateful and very moved by the amount of comments and time to try help me out. I was under the impression that having there a space would be ideal incase of any leaks or if I want to make some small basement area in the future or even just a small underground storage. After reading these comments and speaking to some builder friends I've been advised that the odds of solid tested copper work leaking water is next to zero and although space would be ideal if it was there, there's no use taking out tonnes of soil at extra cost, and the house is not very wide so any digging under could cause a foundation structural issue. And to answer peterW, im using joists and floorboards to match existing house and the inspector said we ideally want an airbrick every 2m
  9. Hi thanks for taking the time to respond It's an extension doubling the house size, and renovation too as I will add new joists and roof to old part of house Soil is removable, and my new foundations have already been put in at 900mm
  10. Hi guys, Building regs want minimum 150mm with air bricks for underfloor ventilation Is it worth digging to 800mm or so below with a hatch for future inspection or is there really no need? This is my first property with an extension in working on so please forgive the "naiveness"
  11. Thinking about replacing standard plasterboard with 40mm marmox multiboard, Reason? well a friend used it and says its better for thermal insulation
  12. New to the forum been reading around for a year though, Got an old semi here in Leeds, 2 story side extension but planning on using marmox Opinions on replacing plasterboard with 30mm marmox instead?
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