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  1. Hi, Thanks for your response. I should have added that this is a barn conversion therefore my understanding is that 5% VAT is the correct rate. However, that's not the reason for the rejection. HMRC seem to want more information than the builder can provide and don't understand how a monthly payment on completion project works - I would be interested if anyone has had the issue before.
  2. Good afternoon, I’ve just received a letter from HMRC rejecting my claim (VAT431C form). In summary: I appointed a builder to manage the entire project on a supply and build contract They invoiced me monthly for the work they had completed I have attached the letter from HMRC and an example of one of the invoices. I have contacted the builder however they are unable to supply any further information in relation to material and labour quantities. Additionally, it seems the asbestos should have been charged at 5% VAT, is this correct as the asbestos company stated that they can only invoice at 20% VAT. Do I have grounds to appeal to HMRC, if so, I would appreciate any ideas on how to respond. Thanks
  3. I would appreciate advice from anyone that's been through this process or understands it thoroughly. I have converted an agricultural barn into a dwelling as my home. The main contractor has charged 5% VAT on all of their work and I understand this can be reclaimed via the VAT431C form for the items that are allowable. However, the invoices from the main contractor tend to specify tasks / activities undertaken within the month as opposed to items listed by HMRC as being allowable. For instance, I have invoices to supply / fit / carry out: excavation, rendering, skirting boards, architraves, stairs, etc. These items are neither listed as allowable or disallowable according to HMRC. Additionally, some of these tasks were charged over a number of months such as: month 1 - 20% render, month 2- 30% render, month 3 - 50% render. What should I populate in the "Description of invoice item" column on the VAT form? Do I just state on the form the description provided by the main contractor such as 20% render, supply and fit stairs, 50% fit and supply skirting for invoice 1 (as an example) or do I have to categorise the invoices as per the HMRC allowable list and work out the exact materials used and quantity of labour? Any guidance or examples of how the form should be populated when using a main contractor on a supply and fit basis would be appreciated.
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