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  1. See photo... Our stairs are on the outside, bathroom at the back.
  2. Hi, We're planning a hip to gable conversion with a full width box dormer. Our only issue is that our neighbours have already done this, before we bought the house, and their former comes right to the boundary. They seem happy with their build, no issues were aware of. Should we get the dormers to join or leave a gap? What are the pros and cons? Niall
  3. Hi All, First post - go easy We have a fairly typical 3 bed 1930s semi with CU and meter under the stairs - we're planning a loft conversion and a ground floor extension on the back (original I know ). We're also planning on UFH on each floor. Don't think the electics have been updated since the 80's and planning to rewire. (and there's also a shocking lack of plug sockets!) I think all the walls involved are brick with plaster (seen one which is laths and plaster, but not one the electrics should need to go near). 1. Where should I expect all the wires to go? I was assuming something like chasing the downstairs sockets to the ceiling and the first floor sockets to the floor (chasing horizontally for sockets on the same wall) then feeding the wiring through the floor space and down to the CU (some negotiation around the top of the stairs). One radial circuit per room, presumably some short cuts for walls with sockets both sides. Or is there a better / standard approach to this? (Not planning on doing it myself, just want to get my head round it) We're thinking of doing this before the loft or rear extension - so wouldn't plan on doing the dining room or kitchen as these could be done when the extension is done. 2. Preparation - everything I've read so far, says pay someone (the electrician?) to do the chasing and clean up after themselves it'll be worth it! Any tips on dust proofing gratefully received! (we plan not to be staying in the house for the duration - 6 to 10 days?) 3. Finally what paper work do I need to ask for? We're not planning on moving, but if we did what's the buyer's solicitor going to want to see? Kind regards, Niall.