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  1. thanks to all for your replies. @Brickie, if the pointing cracked due to the reason you mentioned, shall I just leave it and keep on eye on it?
  2. Thanks. I suppose it is not subsidence, right? It's not diagonal and less than 1mm wide.
  3. @joe90, thank you for your reply. Could it be due to something like thermal movement? Although I just found it, it could be there for a long time. We've lived in the house for 15 years.
  4. Hi all, I am glad that I've found this forum. My house is a detached built in the 90s with an integrated garage. I just found in the garage there is a long, vertical crack (from ceiling to the floor) in the pointing where the wall meets a column. It is circled in the photo. It's about 1mm or less in width in most places. It may be there for a long time. The other photo is from outside where I circled the approximate area, which looks fine. Is this something of concern or I am being paranoid? Many thanks for any advice.
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