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    Repointing found issues

    Thanks for the reply I spoke to my sisters partner and showed him the situation he wasn’t too sure about if it had be done befor as they haven’t been there that long in the end he just wanted it to be touched up and try make it look like bricks? even tho I said it looked pretty bad and render might not be the answer, done what could be done but can’t see it lasting and I’m no expert ?? How long do you give it a month? ?
  2. Was asked by my sister to do some repoint work, started the job but noticed the bottom three bricks from where they had damp proofed a year or so ago are so brittle and the old mortar is just like sand coming out of the joints it’s a 1940 bungalow so quite old any comments on best way to fix this problem or would professionals need to come in cheers