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  1. Just another one I wanted to check. It’s attached to a side extension and buts onto new extension. from original rear of house it comes out now about 8-9 meters? (Because it’s already been extended) I thought the rules for detached house was 5-6 meters? Also when it’s next to a boundry what is the max a single story height can be?
  2. Yes. They started this build in December 2018. Failed initial retrospective application. But council allowed them to put in another application citing “they didn’t provide Information on postbox and gates”.
  3. Well yes. Because there’s a postbox in front of gates. At present they just drive over non dropped curb anyway. Which is illegal. This is Farage.
  4. No. on so they failed years back for garage. Then in dec 2019 they started to build a garage etc. The6 applied for retrospective permission. Which failed. They have just had another opportunity to apply(1 year ago) .
  5. My neighbour built a garage with no PP. he is applying for retrospective permission. The council has rejected the application for a dropped curb as it’s too close to a junction. Will this make planning permission for garage less likely/not possible? It’s attached to a house so not PD