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  1. Hope this makes it a little clearer. Cheers
  2. Only one appliance feeding out of the rear outlet. With regard to the 45 out of the back coupled to a 135 Tee (Through the wall) with drain/ removable cap - This would be to allow good access for cleaning.
  3. Hello, I am looking to install a 5kW stove (Purefire Curve), with the intial plan to use the top outlet for the flue. Plans may now be changing and we are possibly using the rear outlet. Instead of a 90' I would like to use a 45' coupled to a 135'Tee through the wall. (I will be using Twin wall right from the stove.) In theory, I cannot see any issues and would like to think that the BC wouldn't have a problem signing it off, but, has anybody had any issue using this kind of setup or done something similar? Cheers James
  4. Hello, Just thought I'd drop a little message in here to say hello. Have just joined this forum and I'm sure I'll be asking afew questions going forward and will also enjoy looking through the old posts. Cheers James