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  1. Yes that was the outside wall before the extension im guessing. I will get the plaster off and have a look but that does make sense - cheers for the reply mate..
  2. Thanks for the reply, If I do that would it not return? If I strip the plaster do you know of anything I can do to the blockwork to prevent it coming back. Don't think I am going to be able to access the damp course.
  3. Hi, The house we bought has had a small front extension around 20 years ago (before we had it), when I stripped the paper I found rust on the beading and the paint coming off in a very specific area. I thought that this was old and had maybe been repaired as the wall doesnt have damp stains and isnt damp. I repainted and cleaned up the rush but soon the paint just came off and rust back. I am assuming the camp course is broken, but the wall as you can see is the part which supports the lintel, and also the outside wall is the neighbours garden. Can anyone suggest the best course of action here if it is indeed the damp course. I will be going around the neighbours to see if there is any issues on in the brick work. Cheers.
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