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  1. I'm based in devon nr chudleigh/a few China clay mines, might be a bit of a trek 🙂 Thanks all for the help, appreciated.
  2. Ok thanks. Would the fact that the foundation will pretty much be on the same location as an old B road (so presumably compacted/levelled etc at some point) make any difference? Thanks
  3. Thanks all, v helpful. Will definitely get a soil investigation/structural engineer review done, @Tony Kwhat size footprint was yours and what sort of costing did this come to, if you're happy to share? Probably best if I budget for the worst case. Thanks
  4. Hello, Looking into building a house, this would be located on what is currently an old stretch of road (still tarmacked). The soil around is solid clay from about 3-600mm down, plus there are several mature oak trees within 4m of what will be the foundation. The site is level and sheltered, little-no risk of flooding/ground movement as such. The house itself would be pretty simple rectangle shape, chalet bungalow. No particular stand out structural or design elements. Any advice as to a recommended type of foundation to deal with this, anyone had similar situations? Guessing with the existing road surface the ground beneath would have been worked on at some stage so may be more stable? I believe the next nearest house was built on a raft type foundation in the 90s although that is further away from trees. This would be the first project of this type i've worked on so a bit clueless...