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  1. Thanks Temp - I've had a good look for someone like this, but no-one seems to be advertising their services that I can see. Do you know where I might find someone? An ad on Gumtree maybe?
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I've read in various places that a self-builder should be able to put together specs for the various works packages and put them out to tender, but I'm really not confident, which is why I think I need a QS. We've made some of the decisions already, including the timber frame, so hopefully that should help any QS we appoint. By the way, if the superstructure is usually 15-20% of the build cost, is there a standard breakdown floating around somewhere showing the proportions for each stage (groundworks/substructure through to finishing the house internally)?
  3. Hi guys, We're gearing up to build a new timber frame house in SE London starting in late spring/early summer. It's been suggested that we should get a quantity surveyor on board to draw up packages and keep costs under control - we do live in SE London but we're not rolling in cash! We probably need some project management help as well given our other commitments. Maybe the two roles can be combined? Anyway, if anyone has a recommendation, or can provide any other advice, that would be great - I realise I haven't provided a lot of info, so feel free to ask!
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