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  1. Thanks Punter. As with response to Nod above is there any other option? Current proposal is to install vertical dpc behind brick and wedge smaller piece of insulation between it and the current insulation.
  2. Thanks Nod Are there any other solutions? Insulation currently extends beyond block and not sure how it would be cut back properly to suit this.
  3. Hi Would anyone have a sketch of jamb details and how cavities should be closed, showing insulation, dpm etc. Currently cavity wall formed as below. All runs straight at moment. No return on tbe masonry. : block inner leaf, 90mm insulation, 20mmm cavity, brick outer leaf. Brick oversails block by about 25mm and window should fit behind the brick with say 10mm lap. Thanks
  4. Bobo

    DPM cut short

    Thanks MortarThePoint. "Green line" solution in progress. Assured radon membrane has been used¿. Removing insulation to expose dpm and tape new section. Will be awkward getting insulation back into place neatly. Hope solving one issue doesnt cause a thermal bridging problem!
  5. Bobo

    DPM cut short

    Agreed re bog up.
  6. Bobo

    DPM cut short

    Thanks for your help MortarThePoint
  7. Bobo

    DPM cut short

    Thanks MortarThePoint. That's what I had concluded but was wondering if there is any other solution. How about if green line did not turn down to meet the orange but was carried straight out onto slab for say 150mm?
  8. Bobo

    DPM cut short

    The membrane happens to duplicate as both radon barrier and dpm. However not high radon area so we are more concerned about preventing water ingress and rising damp down the line.
  9. Bobo

    DPM cut short

    Photo as of today. Cant see how we would get the "green" line on sketch into place and properly lapped given how tight this is.
  10. Bobo

    DPM cut short

    Thanks for coming back to me. See diagram of current. Photo to follow dpm cut off sketch.pdf
  11. Bobo

    DPM cut short

    Concrete slab installed in extension. DPM was cut flush with top of slab with no allowance to lap over onto blockwork/dpc. Also not fully flush as can see tip of dpm in some areas and not in others, so potentially a bit low in some sections. Blockwork not started yet. Is this ok? Or does it need to be fixed and how? Builder suggesting lapping some dpm onto existing and into block/dpc. Am unsure how this can be done in reality as concrete poured so insulation and dpm are tight up against rising wall so no space to get in at it. Thanks