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  1. No not submitted as yet we are awaiting structural engineer and flood risk survey appointments to be made - I'll ask if contamination survey will be done as I thought this came under structural engineer ?
  2. Thats great thank you. I'll look into this .. we are waiting for the structural engineer appointment so maybe he will advise or request the test.
  3. Hmmmmmmm aware it will cost .. but if I can claim VAT back it helps. I'd want it done properly though and disposed of legally.
  4. Thank you very much, that is reassuring.. I will have a read of the links, thank you for sharing.
  5. Thank you very much for your information. I have checked on line for the CIL with the local council and below is what I found .. not sure if it applies to us as our barn will be 130 sq m. Demolition will be handy if included as we have an asbestos roof that we hope we can replace ... Minor Developments: Less than 10 residential units and where the gross floor space to be built is up to 1,000 square metres, or where the site area is less than 1 hectare. Where the number of dwellings to be constructed or floor area proposed is not given in the application, a site area of less than 0.5 hectares is classed as a minor development. £1,500
  6. Thank you very much - I actually found the post with the acronym list .. very helpful. We will be also looking into the ASHP too.. I'll check with our architects re the CIL as its not been mentioned as yet. Many thanks again for your help.
  7. HI Ian R Sorry I'm very new to this - what does CIL ( and RHI and ASHP) mean ? The barn does not have its own title, although our plans are for it to be a separate and self sufficient 2 bedroom accommodation, hope this will acceptable, would like to make sure we have everything correct on the plans to apply for reclaiming the VAT before we submit the plans for approval etc. I have been googling to see if the are any guidelines / rules for Class Q and qualifying for "reclaiming VAT" but cant find anywhere. Thank you
  8. Thank you Ian R for your prompt response. When you say Annex do you mean is it attached to the main house ? if so no it isnt. Also were you able to claim VAT back on mini sewage treatment , heat or air source pump and etc or is it just on the build .. Many Thanks
  9. Hello Thank you for allowing me to join this group. We are in the very early stages of a Class Q project (we are looking to convert our barn into a 2 bed accommodation for elderly disabled parents to live - we are using an architect and drawings are complete). I had been led to believe that we are able to reclaim back part of the VAT by converting the barn into residential but now I am not so sure as we are going the Class Q route .. Has anyone reclaimed VAT on a Class Q project ? Many Thanks