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  1. Thanks Connor - loft is done, no cavity and we can't insulate externally (conservation area etc.). Internal insulation we are working on as and when but it's very disruptive. The only prompt for change of boiler / heating soruce type is that existing one needs replaced. I'm leaning more towards just going with an oil boiler for now - cheaper and proven to be able to heat the house!
  2. Thanks all. I can't make the maths stack up as things stand and the oil boiler failing is the main prompt - only read bits but assume oil boilers will become less and less popular over next 10 years or so and owners of old houses might get penalised a bit more for just burning more and more oil. We probably spend around £2.5k per year on oil at present and I'm realistic that ASHP might not be an incredible change here. We do not have good airtightness but the whole of ground floor has insulation board below the UFH. We need a fair bit of double glazing and have quotes etc. - just the disruption that is really putting me off there. A challenge is actually finding and speaking to someone who "knows" but doesn't have some other vested interest in selling or doesn't really have any actual experience with our property type. Really needing a bit of a holistic view with the solar etc. The easy option is replace with another oil boiler and revisit in 10 years when everything more mature.
  3. Hi, New to the forum! Found lots of great information already. We live quite rurally in the west of Scotland. Our house is victorian and relatively large but over years we've competed various renovations : 11kW solar, various insulation works, UFH downstairs, large cast iron radiators upstairs, part double glazing. I'd ideally keep going with these and get rest of house double glazed etc. Our oil boiler has a small crack in heat exchanger though and I need to replace before the winter. We've 3 phase power and I've been looking seriously at a higher temperature ASHP system rather than replace with another oil boiler. Perhaps complimented with a Tesla Powerwall which would "store" the solar power. I'm generally just looking for a little feedback and also if possible some recommendations on a trustworthy supplier that would cover Stirling area or a consultant that could help me design a specification we could use to get specific quotes. I find conflicting views on ASHP and old houses. Cost is a huge factor of course (upfront and running) but I am minded large old houses need a changed approach to heating and power and I want to do the right thing for the long term. We've no intention to sell or move etc. Thanks for any help!