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  1. Have that in order, a bathroom and bedroom downstairs, parking within a few meters and doors wide enough for wheelchairs!
  2. What size of house are you going for at that figure? I was hoping for 1500 but 1800 would be doable too. I am just really risk averse.
  3. Oh we don't care about making a profit as long as it's not in immediate significant negative equity. Hopefully the last move until we get charged off to old folks homes but you just never know what may happen.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I must admit I am a little surprised at the building costs being so high. I think we need to perhaps go for something slightly smaller. My intention was timber frame, purely because that's the way things are done in Scotland. I honestly thought you could build a house for about the same as it would cost to buy but it seems you do get more for your money buying.
  5. Should have said as well the intention would be main contractor then employ local trades.
  6. We are thinking of self building in central Scotland (well doing as little of the work as possible, maybe some but can't commit with young children) and have been trying to get up to speed with how you go about that which is certainly a learning experience! We have seen a plot of ground that suits are requirements, has planning permission and services in place site is level. It's just off a main road and has good access and space round it (about 1400m2) Now in my niaivity I had thought we could look at around 250k (just the build not including land) to get about a 200m2 1 3/4 modern house (hebhomes style) with double garage. However, with all the info out there and talking to an architect and getting some general advice from a QS this seems like it would either be possible with little input from us (info from mortgage broker and kit suppliers) or not possible at all architect and QS. Oh standard fit kitchen and bathrooms. Does anyone have and advice for current conditions in Scotland and what we could reasonably aim for with a 250k budget (we have a fair bit of contingency in there too as I am risk averse so if it went over by 50k it wouldn't be a huge issue.). 250k would therefore be slightly flexible. Any help, advice or anecdotes would be gratefully received!