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  1. yes i have now put another lot of plans in to rectify the first lot(Which i am not going to appeal ) which i am happy with. The neighbours comments seemed madness to me on first lot of plans ,just wondered if most neighbours we like this building your dream home ?So just going to wait now ,will keep you posted thanks jack and every one for your comments
  2. Would have been nice to know the door number because every one to your face says one thing and then writes another
  3. Yes I can kitchen smells , I have looked on that open land for years , All the houses are different down the road but yours will not fit in to it with the style thanks joe 90 Perhaps that was a mistake to give me that information , may have been made by a junior person
  4. Hi all hope you can help me I have required the objection letters from the council regarding my plans can anyone tell me if I can legally get the door numbers who put the complaints in as my council don’t advertise the complaint on the local planning web site