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  1. Hi All, many thanks for the replies. Thanks @recoveringbuilder I'm thinking asking them to come and remove their equipment might be an option and then run an off grid system to the annex. @Bozza I'll dig the plan out and post it for you, thanks again.
  2. Hi All, long time lurker and learner. I'd like to pose yet another 'dropping an electricity supply into the ground' question - I've been through the threads and theres a lot of info but I'm a little stumped about my next move. Apologies in advance for this rather long post. We're in the planning stage of our self build having gained the necessary planning authority permissions and one of the issues is, we have a small equestrian property (around 3.5 acres of paddocks with stables and our annex) that will need a line dropped into the ground We divided up the property and sold off the semi detached house to fund our build so the retained land has an annex with a single SSE (LV) power supply which we would like to retain, however the line is strung directly across the building plot so will need it to be moved. The other issue is it's strung between 2 poles on our property and through our mature trees which again is not ideal as it is difficult to find reasonably priced three cutting services to maintain trees that are requiring work (SSE came out and cut back a few branches off a mature tree that has split through the centre so we have had to find a company that would work near power lines to get the tree removed even though it could be considered dangerous to the line and 1 of the poles if it was to come down). So fast forward to now, I've contacted SSE to discuss the possibility of dropping the cable into the ground but the neigh on useless fool I've been assigned has sent a quote through of £10k for the work with me doing all the trench digging. He has the audacity to start every communication with "not to worry!!" which annoys the hell out of me! He refuses to send a surveyor out at my multiple requests to discuss what I need done (his plan is not correct and I have mentioned this three times to which I get"not to worry! its only indicative, let me know if you want to accept the quote". Now why would I accept an indicative quote that could go up if when they get onsite requires additional work (the quote says its for the cable and supply switch off and connection costs). So I have asked multiple times for SSE to send a surveyor out, I've asked to see the way leave cert for the property which he will not do, how do I move forward? Another consideration is - I read on one of the threads that you can't build / dig footings within 6 metre's of a line in the ground, this is not possible on our site as we will need to run the line up the drive to the annex to the side of the proposed build and will probably be sited within around 1 metre so the question is, is this doable then? There a re a thousand other questions but I'll limit this post to save you all from 'war and piece' 😀 Cheers Deacs