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  1. SOLVED - The surveyor amended the construction to traditional brick. Thank you all for your kind help and advice. Take care
  2. Hi Peter, yes the surveyor is registered with RICS. Oh i didn't know i could complain to RICS. I will look into that. Thankyou. Yes i am getting a structural engineer to survey. I posted the photos on here for additional opinions of the wall construction in case 10 people replied and said, yes it PRC construction.
  3. Hi peter, ive already done all that, all via emails, the lender wont budge and neither will the surveyor. They say i need to get an engineer report from a qualified person to prove the construction and even still they wont guarantee they will lend.
  4. hi all, thank for your replies. Its a remortgage, the current lender will not lend to me because i have more than 3 buy-to-lets so i need to find another lender. Ive have exhausted all efforts with the council in trying to obtain history and construction with the house. The neighbors are council properties and the tenants know nothing. I just need as many experienced surveyors or builders to look at the wall in my photos and give me their opinion on whether its Traditional Construction brick and block or Non traditional PRC Concrete. I am in the process or trying to find a structural engineer to come and give me a report. Bear in mind i have 2 previous surveys which both say the house is traditional brick...I think the recent surveyor from the lender has made a crucial error
  5. Please can someone help me. I have just had a survey done and the surveyor has reported that my house is 'of non traditional PRC construction with an asbestos roof, believed to be of concept 4 type' ...SO, my mortgage lender will not lend on the house. My term has ended and i am going to be repossessed. I have owned the house for 15years. I have 2 previous surveys 1. when i originally purchased the house and 2 when neighbour did new roof which say my house is traditional construction with a semi pitched asbestos roof. My house has beed mortgaged before. I have photos of when a window was installed a few years ago. Can anyone look at the photos and tell me if you think my house exterior walls are Traditional Construction brick and block or Non traditional PRC Concrete. Please see photos of the wall when a new window was installed. There are clearly bricks on the floor. Any help appreciated.