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  1. Hello, I am planning to have a SIP outbuilding built at the rear of my garden. It will come as a kit from the fabricators and will measure 6m x 4m. I will also having decking installed around the structure which will be 2m wide and will need to put a concrete slab down for it. I am thinking about the following 2 options for the foundations: Opt 1: dig a trench and fill with concrete and install sole plate (and sips) on 7N concrete block frame - as I am limited to a 2.5M height this will allow me to install 100mm insulation and screed. Opt 2: install a 200mm concrete slab (100mm hardcore + 100mm concrete) measuring 10m x 8m upon which I fix the SIP structure and will give me the necessary 2m around it for the decking and leave the insulation out, as height would be reduced Option 2 would be cheaper but am wondering how much impact not have insulation would be? Thoughts/advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks Nasim
  2. Hi, I am planning to build an outhouse at the rear of my garden. I will be having a trench dug to run a soil pipe from the outbuilding to the man hole, which is about 40m away. The trench will be dug close to a meter deep in order to achieve a decent fall for the soil pipe. I also need to run an armoured cable and cold water pipe to the outbuilding and was wondering whether all 3 (soil, electric and water) could be run using the same trench, rather than digging a separate trench for the soil pipe? Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you Russell. The weight of the 5 panels and cement boards comes to around 285KG. Just concerned that when standing it up, at some point, most of the weight will be on the one edge of the OSB (before it sits vertically on the sole plate) - Will the 11mm OSB boards be strong enough to withstand that?
  4. Hello, I have a detached garage which is around 30cm from the neigbour's garage and am looking at demolishing this and rebuilding it to use as an office. I am considering getting a SIP kit from Sips Eco Panels in order to minimise the wall thickness (compared to the typical block-cavity-block structure) as I am limited by the width of the garage. As I will be building less than 1M from the boundary, to meet building reqs, I will have to clad it in fibre cement board ( Euroclass A0-d0, s2 rating) but do not have the space to work on the side of the neigbour's garage so was thinking about the possibility of assembling 5 x 1.2m panels on the ground, attaching a breathable membrane, battens and cement board and then lifting into place on the sole plate? Would this approach work and if so, what would be the options for lifting it? Would aligning the base next to the sole plate and having 5-6 people lift from the other side until the bottom of the panel wall sits on the plate or am I talking nonsense and will end up damaging the bottom of the OSB board? Also, would building the back wall with block and then using SIP's for the other 3 walls and roof be a viable solution Am a novice so any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Nasim