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  1. Thank you Roundtuit, I will keep this post regularly updated of any developments. If I can help anyone else avoid this nightmare I would be really happy. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. It’s so unfair.
  2. Hi Joe90, apologies, yes I do. But whether they will fund the legal costs, is another matter.
  3. I have no doubt of this and thank you. I just need to find the funding to peruse a court case. I’m exploring these avenues. Thank you again.
  4. Hi Gus, I'm going to look at this angle. It’s one of the many positive responses I’ve received. Could you expand further on contacting the local council’s planning department please?
  5. I’ve looked at s10 and I was advised by a legal expert that courts rarely rule that structures are removed because there is no provision in the act for this. They only offer monetary compensation for minimal damage. But thank you.
  6. The PWA 1996 does not make provision for after the event. My neighbour is arrogant and unapproachable. He simply does want he wants without consideration for his neighbours. He is adamant that he will not remove this structure and will fight me all the way.
  7. Hi Gus, thank you so much. Please expand further. Would you like my email address?
  8. I’ve decided I am going to carefully take the wall down to minimise damage and hold up his roof with scaffolding!
  9. I challenged him and he refused to budge! He has blatantly lied about the party wall and I can prove this. There never was a party wall until he created one.
  10. That’s very tempting he’s so arrogant and objects to other neighbour’s plans on their own properties! Either side we have to maintain his rampant ivy, which is insidious!
  11. I have a mind to remove my wall brick by brick carefully and support his extension with scaffolding.
  12. The boundary is where the pebble dash begins and his brickwork. If you look at the fascia on his roof you can see he has built it nearly an inch over on top of my wall.
  13. How is this worse? Thanks for your input.