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  1. That's a good price for your build, when it includes the plot. Yes plot prices higher in Aberdeen and labour too, although it goes down as you travel out to Aberdeenshire or slightly further., hence big variations in build costs
  2. Thanks. Yes, that's what i'm hoping to do. I have the time, so in a good position to research this to the Nth degree!
  3. Thanks. I hope it can be done for less, as with the plot purchase this would make total build cost potentially more than it's worth. I will keep reading and hopefully find ways of bringing costs down
  4. Thanks Ralph. I'll read through your posts and get up to speed before i ask anything you've already answered.
  5. Thanks, that's exactly the kind of info that will help.
  6. not too far away. a lot of info in there, will read through it. Thanks!
  7. Hi All We are currently researching build costs, with a view to building a new house in South Aberdeenshire/Angus. We built our current house, 20+ years ago, and it has been a great family home. However, the project nearly fell at the first hurdle, as build quotes came back at way over the figure we'd budgeted. We'd already obtained planning but had to go back and revise, so we could afford it. We're obviously keen to not go through that stress again, so trying to acquire as much knowledge as we can! Looking to build a timber frame, prefer a main contractor, but will consider sub con if we can build up confidence/get someone to help PM. Not keen to do any of the actual work ourselves, but would like to be involved with sourcing materials, admin etc. House will be smallish, around 140m2, plus a garage, hopefully integral as this seems to be lower cost. The "cost per square metre" method is a bit generic and various online costing tools are coming out with a wide variation. So we're hopeful of pulling together a more accurate budget, from information and recommendations on here. Particularly keen to engage with anyone in our area, to get personal reviews on companies that you've used, good/bad aspects of your build, and actual costs for various aspects. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from some of you