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  1. thats not that straight forward tho......the hard standing as is is above the ground level as is the existing garage which will be removed, i asume this is due to the flooding that happens when it rains hard so everything existing isnt a true representation. if i raised the garage to curb hight id have a 3ft tall driveway wall running across the garden......that just a no no.....ive spoken the the council planning thisafternoon and he seams to think as its a garage, on the boundry with the highway that a curb hight of 4.08m is ok but has asked the inspector to call me next week, shes very easy to get along with so im hoping common sense will kick in and ill get a usable garage, it doesnt affect anyone in any way...
  2. its not an issue...planning has all gone through
  3. thats kind of what im getting at..........if it was a house extention the road height wouldnt be relevant, but as its a garage its very relevant.........if i build to the plans it will be 4.08m at curb height, but around 5m at the other side, if i build at garden height can i still get away with the 4.08 at curb height even tho the door wont exit into the road.....if you see what i mean?!?......basiclly im trying to get an extra 3ft of hight in the garage but from curb side youd never know, it would look loke the plans show, 4.08m........?
  5. the garage will be built on the existing hard standing which goes from road height dropping a steep 3 feet over 26 feet to the existing garage, planning concent was needed, and granted as i will be building upto the boundery with a as that is the highest point, and its a garage so needs road access....does that mean i can build it to a curb height of 4.08m even though the door wont be on the curb side?
  6. im trying to put some up......but i use computers as paper weights! planning application number is a Bradford council aplication, 20/04250/hou hopfully you will see what im talking about. thanks.
  7. Hi Guys, im going to be a regular here as ive started to renovate a bungalow following my divorce where she got the lot! Anyway, ive had planning concent granted for a side extention and a 6 metre square concrete block garage and new driveway/entrance. the bungalow is on a steep cul de sac, there is a dead end road that runs at the side of the house making it a corner plot, it only runs the depth of my plot as the builders were hoping to build a second stage into the fields behind me but as its a school playing field it never happened so its kind of a private road for me. the garage will go in the corner between the rear boundry and the road. My garden is 3 feet lower than the roadside and the architect put the plans in to show the hight of the garage at 4008mm, i understand it (?) all measurments are related to the road hight so does that mean that i can add the 3 feet onto the hight of the build where it will still be 4008mm from road hight or do i have to stick to the 4008mm hight making it very low at curb hight and the little darlings from the school could climb on the roof with ease? Also, with it being 36 square metres what do i need to do regarding building regs? i intend one 5M wide roller shutter door and two purlins rather than A frames so i can have a 2 post ramp and raise right up into the loft caverty, hence the desire for as much hight as possible. Ive posted this on another site and had well over 100 views and not one reply.............can this site do better? thanks.