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  1. Not sure how £150m is enough to mirror the Help to Buy scheme with 20% (40% in London) equity loan. A simple example where the Government lend 20% on a £400000 Self Build would allow for loans to 1875 builds... which is a little shy of the 30-40k builds they want to stimulate.
  2. They'd also need to make any plots released affordable. Graven Hill have increased their prices 50.03% since 2016 versus an HPI of 17.03% for the Bicester area and that's coming from a site wholly owned by the Council. Hardly in the spirit of Right to Build and trying to promote Self & Custom Build as a way of tackling the housing crisis.
  3. Everything South of say Toddington seems to be incredibly expensive. I'd like to buy a plot for under £200k to build a 120sqm detached modern house with a small garden. Having no joy via PlotBrowser / Plot Finder / Rightmove / OnTheMarket et al and local Estate Agents who almost laugh down the phone when I tell them what I'm looking for. Graven Hill appears to be the only place with a drip fed supply of practical plots but yes very expensive for how small they are and I agree there is a danger of ending up with either something extremely dull or beyond whacky either side of you.
  4. I have heard that they have had a change of sales personnel at some stage and it is clear that it is now being managed with an Accountant's mentality where maximum profit is the driving force behind the project. Any Utopian vision of a community of self-builders with creative freedom appears to be losing the battle with the site looking more and more like a traditional housing development. Kevin McCloud did say that the success of the project was dependent upon continuing the spirit of The Street but that appears to have been as hastily abandoned as the £100k plot prices. The current strategy seems to be ask as much as possible whilst strictly controlling the supply and wait for that one person to bite. There are quite a few plots that are very clearly shovel ready with man holes and power outlets set up. These have not been "Sold" or "Reserved" but are also not yet showing on the site as "Coming Soon" or even "Not Yet Available". It creates the impression that Phase 1 only has three Self-Build plots left ie: Plot 376 Max GIA 151m2 3/4 bed for £215k, (I actually offered £195k for this plot) Plot 320 Max GIA 114m2 2/3 bed for £185k Plot 321 Max GIA 114m2 2/3 bed for £185k. Despite all of this I am still struggling to find any alternative locations in the South East/West of England. It seems the only place to buy affordable land is Lincolnshire but that is far too off the beaten track for my personal needs. I'll report back if I hear anything!
  5. Good luck with it and if you're doing most of the work yourself you might be able to keep some equity and have a bespoke home that you love rather than some dull new development house. The 'Golden Brick' route is something that most Architects seem to see as another way for Graven Hill to have a license to print money by having a monopoly. Again the price list showing £19k-32k originally for a 3 bed is now apparently more like £35-50k. This could be done for significantly cheaper via a private contractor. The example below shows Plot price and GB prices a bit later down the line than initial price list and these are at levels that could be justified. However but using the example of Plot 376 jumping up to £215k + 50k means you're in negative equity if you build a house for say £200k given average prices for 3 beds in Bicester. (Not to mention that the first plots on the Street were £100k which I recall included foundations but could be wrong) It will be interesting to see what the prices are for the next phase and how many plots they release. I'm waiting to hear back from a Councillor from Cherwell Council who is on the Board of Directors for Graven Hill about their pricing strategy and justification for having increased them over 50% in the last 2 years. I might even do a freedom of information request regarding their release schedule as they definitely release them in batches to inflate prices. I'd love to build soon but doesn't look like things are heading in the right direction... best of luck with everything
  6. Hi Matt, I've been looking to build at Graven Hill for a while but it seems their plot prices have all shot up like crazy. Original Price list below. I did bit on a plot on Hopcroft Avenue but was rejected. It's asking price was £72k more than it's neighbour. I think there is a conflict of interest going as Graven Hill Development Company is 100% owned by Cherwell Council. Throttling supply to drive up prices seems to go against their supposed obligations under the Government's Right to Build scheme.... but it's crazy times and people having been paying £50k above asking prices to buy houses in Beds/Bucks/Herts during the insane housing boom that has occurred in the middle of a recession in the middle of a Global Pandemic. A couple of the houses on The Street were ICF if you re-watch Episode 1 of Grand Designs. Looks like adult Lego and I guess a nice feeling to build a house with your bare hands! Good luck
  7. Ecology's T&Cs and Interest Rates are daylight robbery!
  8. Where are the normal plots? I've been looking for a plot for a self-build for over a year! PlotFinder/PlotBrowser/RightToBuildRgister etc Anywhere in the South East South West is £200k+ which at Graven Hill gets you a full serviced plot and planning. I'm looking into GH right now and think it's not a bad option especially as you get creative freedom with the aesthetics of your home and don't have to do a pastiche of some hideous 1930s Semi.. Happy to hear where I should be looking to get something for £100k! Thanks