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  1. Did you need to alter the setting by much. What system are you running?
  2. Our neighbors are having an extension built and are inundated with moles at the minute.
  3. Do you use your pump for hot water or just heating?
  4. Thanks for the replies. How far off are the factory settings? My heat pump seems to be working better than it ever has since I tinkered with it, it hasn't ran for 12 months including all winter last year. We had panel heaters dotted around the place along with our stove and Aircon downstairs. At the moment the pump is heating the house great, even though we have extended the house over 80% of its original size after the heat pump was sized and fitted. Our 6kw pump is heating our 1400 sq/f house, even though it got down to about 6 degrees last night. To think it almost got chucked in the skip!
  5. Do you have a link or a part number. I've looked on my tub but can't seem to pin it down? Thanks.
  6. Thanks, I'll take a look.
  7. Little bugger was attracted to the vibrations of the pump. Couldn't believe it, took me ages to work out what had gone on.
  8. Well I'm please to say I've got the pump up and running. I swapped over a couple of thermistors, checked block connectors and the pulse motor valve. That seems to have done the trick and the heat pump is working better than ever. Just wish it would have worked a year ago. The only thing to do now once it's had a proper run and I'm confident it ok is look at fitting a control unit and replace the inhibitor/antifreeze in the wet side. A bloody mole came up under the pump and closed one of the isolation valves blowing of the return line and resulting in the system draining all over the gstden. What are the chances of that! We don't have moles any more....
  9. That's fantastic, it should give me plenty to go with. Many thanks.
  10. Looking at the fault code from the Carrier Comand unit, if it's the same, 4 flashes then it's the same fault code, Refrigerant sensor failure/out of range.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I think I need to get the unit working before I spend money on a command unit. It was working with the settings it had until it needed regassing. This has now been done but the above fault is now tripping out the unit.
  12. Thanks, I have had the diagnostic indicator, the fault codes are what I picked up from that manual.
  13. Hi all. I was just having a tinker trying to get out heat pump back up and running and noticed it's coming up with a different fault. The diagnostic indicator is coming up with the following; 1 flash - no idea what this means, there is nothing on the fault codes for 1 flash. Off for 2 seconds; 4 flashes - Actual refrigerant sensor BPHE (TR) Failure/Out of range. Does anyone know what these mean and how I can test it? Thanks in advance.
  14. You may well see one of them come up for sale, though I planned to keep both of them, one for spares. I'm calling it a close call, think I would have regretted it but was the easiest option as it would have been a direct swap for my knackered unit.
  15. Thanks Peter. The rads don't seem overly large, and the rads I have fitted in both extensions are sized to the rooms for an oil/gas boiler, though the ones in the orangery are fed from the upstairs circuit in 10mm pipe so may never balance correctly. I left that to someone else while I was away and only found out this year (that extension was completed 3 years ago). At the moment I'm leaning towards the oil as I think ASHPs only have a potential life span of 5-10 years. A Grant boiler should last 15-20 years at least and you're much more likely to be able to get spares.