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  1. Emailed the Shropshire CIL team and the next day received the following: "When you submit CIL Form 7-2, I would advise you provide a copy of the letter you would have received from HMRC to confirm they have received your claim. That way, I will be aware you are trying to obtain confirmation of a DIY housebuilder VAT refund. You can then provide the confirmation letter when you do receive it. If the confirmation letter is not forthcoming close to the 6 month deadline, a potential extension can be discussed since this would be due to circumstances beyond your control. " So thanks Newhome for the suggestion.
  2. Thanks for the feedback chaps, will discuss with the council - just useful to be able to say that I've had feedback regarding the amount of time for HMRC response.
  3. Does anyone know how long it is taking the TAX office to come back regarding DIY VAT reclaims at the moment? In order to ensure I don't get clobbered for CIL I need to submit CIL form 7 which requires "An approved claim for HM Revenue and Customs for VAT refund". CIL form 7 has to be submitted within 6 months of completion certificate and hence I'm starting to worry. Any info gratefully received.