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  1. i wasn't keen on pier and beam foundation (or ground screws even) mainly because of pests/rodents potentially nesting under there. but i may reconsider. With this strip approach, not sure if i understand exactly, but is there concrete strips dug along the ground and then blocks on top of these strips? I tried to represent below my understanding, but please correct me:
  2. Thank you. It comes as a kit. See here: SIPs Panels | SuperSIPs UK Manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels | Design I I think if I was building a wooden frame I would have gone with normal insulation on a floating floor. I'm opting for this kit for convenience and time really... Cheers
  3. Hi, building a garden studio with SIP panels. Floor and walls 100mm, roof 150mm. Size is 4x3m The base is a full concrete slab same size 4x3m. 150mm subbase + 100mm concrete (not insulated) Can I: a) lay the SIP floor on the concrete with a DPM membrane in between? Membrane will be wrapped up the wall 1 foot height. or b) do i have to ventilate between the concrete base and the SIP floor? Also using a membrane to wrap the base. I'm trying to minimize height, so i'd rather go with option a) if possible, but not sure re the ventilation. If i have to go with option b), what size gap? and can i use lines of bricks rather than wooden rafters to avoid wood degrading over time? Not an expert, so thanks for any help. Paul