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  1. Thank you all for making me consider whether I really want a lounge dining space all in one. I think weighing it all up, I still do as I don’t like my kids being confined to another room while we spend so much time in the kitchen, but good to be considering this again rather than taking it as a given I will! Thanks
  2. It’s also great to be able to keep an eye on my young kids... I understand we won’t want it when they are older but for now it would be ideal. They can move to their toy room when they are older and want more space to watch their own stuff....
  3. Thank you and I agree. It’s also about having space to make a hot drink and still relax with guests (when we’re allowed them!) My husband does most the cooking nowadays... So not just women 😉
  4. I wish we had time. I will have to settle for a lot of thinking and all the advice we can get....
  5. Wow reading this again and we hadn't considered moving the stairs but might be a great option... thank you, instead of working around the stairs, move them!
  6. The brown house. The living room currently, note fireplace Current kitchen Hope these help!
  7. Yes sorry I had meant back extension all along and definitely not moving any stairs or hallway etc. Wow ok. What do you think our budget should be up to?
  8. I dont even understand what you mean but it sounds interesting, please can you elaborate?
  9. So much food for thought, it's brilliant and just what we need before we get the builders to look and quote. We don't even know what we want, so how can we expect builders to quote us! Unfortunately we cannot afford to pay for 2 home mortgages for longer than 6 months really, then looking to rent the current home ASAP. Avoid a rabbit warren house meaning lots of through rooms? Thank you for your thoughts!
  10. No notplanning on using the hall, sorry for the confusion. Wouldn't going into the garden make it a back extension? Sorry for confusing you! Wouldn't it make much of a difference? Please can you explain why? Yes we had estimated around 60k costs for engineering alone, hoping that 40k does the rest.... Guess we want american size house in an west london home... Thank you for your thoughts.
  11. Yep thankfully the outside has a huge drive to fit a few cars so rather convert that space to an office for now, then my in laws will live with us eventually so thinking long term in case they one day need a wheelchair etc and for convenience. This is exactly why I posted on here, thank you. Not having a clue about building we wondered whether splitting that space width ways would work. Not wanting to fill the space between the garage and porch really, but its definitely worth a consideration, hadn't considered that window being affected, its my fave feature of the house! Using the above laundry as a walkway (which it already is) and making the bathroom longer (down into space of the garage) is a good idea. I really want a utiity space though so maybe I need to use a corner of the larger room. Laundry upstairs apparently is a no go Main reason for making ensuite is the future reason but I guess no point if its not easily accessible from the room... Thank you for your thoughts!
  12. We absolutely love this idea and funnily enough had been thinking of large windows on either side of a door as agreed, in the UK weather we would rarely open it up fully and 10k on set of doors is ridiculous. I love the window seat idea and this way keeping the central pier, are you at the above stage? Would love to see more pictures when you have them! Thank you for your thoughts!