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  1. Hi this is the option I followed. I've submitted the plans to OR although I'm waiting to hear back from them.
  2. Thanks. There is a pole that runs along the main road that is about 150m away but I think the neighbours have gone down the 4g route. I'll also look into the BT/Plusnet option.
  3. Hi there - and apologies for posting this in the wrong part of the forum first time round. We started our build back in November in a rural part of Stirling. I'm looking at the best way to get broadband for the property one it is built (estimated May 2021). As we haven't got a phone line yet, I have contacted openreach and shared the relevant plans so they can arrange a survey and provide an estimate. I'm waiting to hear back from them at the moment. I'm still not 100% clear if this process needs to be done through openreach or if one of the providers like BT or Virgin can do this. Openreach do seem quite difficult to communicate with. I was wondering if anyone had experience with this and could offer advice on the process. Someone has also recommended Briskona as a potential alternative to getting a traditional openreach connection set up. It would be really helpful to understand how their broadband speeds/reliability compare if anyone has experience of using them. Thanks for your help! Ben
  4. Hi BuildHub forum members, My name is Ben and I currently live in Stirling. We started construction on our new build in Stirling just at the end of last year with the foundations being laid and the timber frame structure going up and being made (more or less) wind and water tight. Obviously there is still a long way to go over the coming months. We've already found the forum really helpful and incredibly interesting in terms of others' experience and handy advice.
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