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  1. Tnx buttercup (funny name btw 😂) I will look into that.
  2. Hi all I'm fairly new here posting but I've been lurking and genning up on the forums. I'm looking to do a self build, but land prices are bonkers atm, and the land for sale is rarer than rocking horse droppings! So I am thinking of setting up a community self build project in Cheshire (Cheshire Westish area) and I just wanted to gauge interest out there for other wannabe self builders in Cheshire who wanted to do the same and on a budget. Pls feel free to get in touch if you're interested. Thanks for reading
  3. We had a problem with our UFH a few years ago of a similar ilk. Note: The clue for us was that all the 4 zones were taking an age to heat up from the single manifold. We did a couple of things: 1. Contact the supplier - they confirmed that a batch of thermostatic valves were declared defective so we got a free replacement. So we replaced it which was fairly straight forward. 2. When removing the valve I noticed metal fines from our radiator 'rings' were present on the filter mesh of the defunct valve, so as a precautionary measure I also plumbed in a magnetic filter to catch any future fines - as well as the obligatory inhibitor into the system. Our UFH system has worked fine for the last 7 years since this work. It's worth mentioning that if the valve is clogged or knackered then consider also replacing the manifold pump too but you can gauge whether you need to do this by seeing how quickly (or slowly) your system heats up. NOTE - My UFH was built on 100mm insulation board and 50mm screed and laminate flooring.