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  1. Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and I apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge but if I can’t get the answers to all my questions in here then I don’t know where I will... I am hoping to purchase some land I have seen to build a one and a half storey house with a basic square design (10m x 10m) Everything I read online seems to say it will be a lot more expensive than I was anticipating as I assumed building a house would be cheaper than buying. I know some of the answers to my questions will be how long is a piece of string but please bare with me as I need all the help and advice I can get. About the plot, It’s around 500sqm (15m x 33m) Basically on a main road and in between two houses that have been there a long time (hopefully easy/cheap for utilities) Houses on the street are bungalows or one and half storey so I have to adhere to that It’s a flat site with easy access I am mostly looking for rough prices or the minimum and maximum people have spent or been charged for certain things... I have lots of friends who are Joiners, plumbers & electricians who all owe me favours so I’m hoping that will keep certain costs down Some of the questions I have are What’s the most/least people have paid for connecting utilities? What sort of price are foundations for a 10m x 10m timber frame house? What timber frame companies can anyone recommend? How much usable floor space will I have upstairs in and one and a half storey with a downstairs 10m x 10m? Excluding the land is it unrealistic to think I can achieve my dream house for around 140-150k? Kit homes seem to be around 50-60k for wind and water tight so where does the rest of the budget go? (Naive question I know) Off the top of my head I was hoping for these costs 20k foundations 10k utilities 60k house frame 15k landscaping/drive 8k kitchen 6k bathroom 4k flooring 5k boiler & radiators 4k electrics 4k plumbing 8k tiling roof 144k I know I’ve missed some things If you have advice on anything even if it’s not something I’ve asked then please inform me as the more information I can gather from you all then the easier it will be for me Thanks in advance