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  1. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has heard of any 'self-build communities' in the UK? Other than Graven Hill and a few small, and fully subscribed half-completed community, custom build or otherwise alternative housing models, it seems impossible to find any that are still open for applications! I'm looking for an eco self-build community, or at least a self-build community that allows for designs that are eco friendly in the UK. Any pointers for finding one before the plots are all sold out/only heard about due to being in the press after completion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. @Ferdinand Thank you this is great! I do have a Help to Buy ISA, I'll look into the equity loan and if it's transferrable too. Long-term disabled or long term health condition depending on who you're talking to it seems, no one seems to be able to agree on the fine details! .... nothing new there
  3. what do you mean by a grant towards a new build? Is there such thing for a first time buyer?
  4. @SteamyTea If spending a grand made me not disabled I would have spent it 7 years ago 😂
  5. @PeterW I think the location might have to be a bit more flexible, I'm not particularly tied to anywhere which is a blessing and a curse... a little too much choice! But as someone who doesn't drive I know that I'll be looking at a small plot, so I'm not expecting too much in terms of size.
  6. A single female in her early 20s with an uber budget? That'd be new. Thanks for the offer... I think I'll look into buying a cardboard box 😅
  7. @Russell griffiths I'm not going to lie, I'm not a massive fan of stroud. No particular reason, but there's just something about the place
  8. @joe90 Ah, a good point. I'm moving from Gloucestershire and quite literally live in a field, I never even thought about the air quality - always considered 'outdoor' air as pretty pure (when the locals haven't been muck-spreading) Looks like i've got more reading to do on MVHR then... and researching the thinnest frames of triple glazed windows there are! I found a company recently that has solar panel technology IN the windows too, but a little out of my price league hah!
  9. I looked into passivhaus standards and the lack of ventilation concerns me a little, I understand making it air tight is crucial for efficiency but to me a building needs a level of 'breathability' to be a healthy environment. I also want a lot of light, so passiv standards can prove a bit limiting when it comes to window sizes. I want to try to live off-grid, but still connected so that I can sell any excess back to the grid - looking at solar PV panels as they seem affordable but effective. Ideally heating the home through ground source heat pumps too, and trying to decide between timber frame or SIPS. A permaculture garden would be nice.
  10. There's been a couple of plots in bath listed recently that I've considered too, but I'm not so familiar with that neck of the woods- is it a nice place to live (in your opinion?)
  11. Yeah, luckily one of my closest friends is an architect. She took one look at it and said don't bother, it's unstable ground so the footings would cost a fortune + it's not that accessible for building materials etc. Other than that, It's a beautiful piece of land!
  12. I've been trolling these websites for months now hoping something will come up, but as a tactic it doesn't seem very proactive to me aha! I enquired about this plot quite some time ago too, from what the auctioneer was saying it sounds like it would be an absolute nightmare of a task to build on despite it already having planning permission!
  13. May I ask where you are seeing these listings!?
  14. I think IN Clifton is nigh on impossible, i'll be searching the surrounding area too! Thanks for the warm welcome and well-wishes.