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  1. Maybe this is whats needed. Dry Valley, equal depth at the lower end, and unequal depth at the upper end so deeper on the right top. Image is a bit of a quick drawing, but you get the idea. That would need to be bespoke in GRP I assume. something made with lead and battens would probably do the job. Better that what is there now.
  2. If they cannot raise the porch roof to match the garage roof to give a better transition, how could it be constructed to make the join look better? Should the lead work where the garage roof joins the wall be over the tiles or under the tiles? At the ridge the final ridge tile is up at an angle and only fitted at one end because it is sitting on the lead. What should have been done at that point? Photos are in earlier replies.
  3. In answer to the question about the window over the porch, yes there is one. I can see the lead is under the soldier course under the window.
  4. Thanks guys. Looks like we have to think about walking. I doubt we will find another new place on a small development in a good location and still get the stamp duty reduction. Time to discuss with the wife.
  5. Thanks for all your advice guys, it’s appreciated. I am 500 miles away from the house so can’t go back and check the detail out. I feel like we are getting the run around from the developer and their agent. It has had the final NHBC inspection last February but obviously these roof issues weren’t picked up or it isn’t something NHBC would report on. It has also had the final Building Control inspection. Here are some other photos of the same roof. The guttering looks suspect at the end and the ridge is up at an angle where it meets the wall. The lead work and tiles don’t look right over the right of the garage door. I think I may have to walk away from this but have incurred legal and search fees already. The developers are dragging their heels on committing to rectify all the issues.
  6. Hi, Can anyone advise on the dry hip and dry ridge installation on a new build property I am about to purchase. I have some experience of roofing and dry ridge but not this type. The dry ridge has 3 clips at each ridge tile joint. most of the clips are not fully home and raised above the ridge tiles. See Photo The dry hip looks a mess, particularly at the top. See photo. The support for the tiles is buckling causing the ridge tiles to be not seated straight. My questions are, . Why are the clips not fully inserted or what is stopping them being inserted? . Why is the dry hip such a mess. Is it because they used the wrong tile supports. I appears they should be longer and stronger so they lay straight? . Should the waterproofing roll under the plastic tile supports be molded better over the tiles.? . Does anyone recognize the hip tiles and if so what make and type, and what is the dry hip make and type? Thanks in advance