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  1. Hi all, I've performed a quick search of the forum and can't find any reference to Party Wall insurance (also known as; JCT 6.5.1, JCT 22.2.1 or non-negligence insurance). I'm wondering if anyone on here has ever purchased it or knows anything about it? The summary of the insurance is that it covers damage caused to a neighbouring property as a result of works that are subject to the Party Wall Act. Apparently public liability insurance doesn't cover this area unless negligence is proven. Whether this public liability insurance is enough in most cases, I don't know? Thanks, Andy
  2. Thank you for your replies. Sounds like it's Protek! Dave Jones...thank you, I spent quite a bit of time exploring the various options including architect certificates, however they do seem to be a slightly inferior product for mostly the same price. I was being offered a 6 year architect certificate for just £300 less than a 10 year warranty. I suspect that in reality neither will pay out if something went wrong, however if I need to sell the house or convince a lender I think the 10 year warranty would carry more weight. Thanks again, Andy
  3. Hi all, I'm a bit stuck on the below issue and running short of time. If anyone can give any advice or share experience it would be greatly appreciated. I'm just about to start building a house but because of how long it may take and excessive interest/fees on self-build/stage payment mortgages I've managed to fund it using savings and a personal loan; so I won't know my mortgage provider until it's completed in 1-2 years time. Once complete I will need to mortgage it and due to my circumstances I may need to rent it for a short period so a warranty product that is widely accepted by mortgage providers is important. I've narrowed my list down to 2; Protek and Build Store. Protek is currently my favourite because they provide a full 10 year warranty vs 2+8 and seem to be easier to deal with based on experiences that I've read. If anyone can advise if they have experience of the "Protek Basic Warranty" being rejected or insufficient for their mortgage provider it would be appreciated. As well as any experience of working with either Protek or Build Store? I wouldn't be wasting my money on a warranty if it weren't for the mortgage requirement and the possibility that I may have to sell/rent the house. Thanks, Andy