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  1. Hi everyone, I'm wondering the answer to the above question in regards to a rear extension, which is 1200mm deep by 800mm wide. I'm looking for a definitive answer, but I'm unsure there is one. Is their any factors that would contribute to the answer. Many thanks
  2. Hey guys thanks for taking the time to reply to my question, so 5 years ago, I became a quilified bricklayer, but decided to change career. So I'm trying to get back in the game, I'm pretty much trying to go from bricklaying on site to starting out on my own. So any help I can get, will always be appreciated. Thanks again
  3. Hi everyone, lets say im filling in a 32 foot long x 2 ft wide x 0.5 ft high footing. do concrete firms go by cubic yard or cubic metre? also if i wanted to find out how many bags of sand, course aggregate and cement needed, how could i calculate this? assuming they come in 25kg bags? or is there another better way? many thanks for taking the time reply
  4. Hi there, How would I go about concreting on top of mentioned services above ? thanks again
  5. Hi everyone, i understand that i may come across certain situations where i would have to build a wall around live services. what would your advice be for either concreting and laying bricks around them? also would there be at any point times at which it may become impossible to build around them? thanks agin
  6. What system do the brickies put in place to make sure they get paid properly. As in installments like example laying foundations then asking for money for doing that. Thanks
  7. When I'm arriving to look at the start of a new job, does the customer have a rough idea of what they want or is it down to me a help them figure out their wall design. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a bricky in training, so please bear with me. When I'm digging strip foundations for a decorative garden wall. What questions should I be asking myself, when calculating the depth of it, also can I pour concrete straight the footing or do I need lay some sort of gravel and hardcore before hand. Many thanks
  9. Hi everyone, so my question is the above mentioned. although i have half a clue what the reasons are, i dont understand it fully. the reasons why im asking is if i for example wanted to build a 3m half brick wall, say 5 courses high, it would seem excessive to me to dig a footing 3 feet deep. so as i understand it the frost line in the southeast of england here is 450mm and i should dig 12 inches below this which would be shy of 3 feet. im i understand this correctly? many thanks
  10. So I'm a Learner at the moment and at the theory stage at the moment. I'm trying to build a half brick wall from the front of my drive to the existing external corner of my house. When I'm digging my foundations should I dig as deep as my footings on the house or can I get away with going 450 deep from ground level? Many thanks
  11. Hi there, my name is Robert, I'm trying to get back in the bricklaying trade after 5 years due to change of career. I'm hoping to get some answers to my questions here from experienced builders.