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  1. I will add more to this at a later date, but just to say the disappointment continues.
  2. Thanks Jeremy. Although I'm not accepting responsibility for the building being 180 degrees wrong, especially after telling in the "experts" what should be where. Who the hell cuts stud work around soil pipes? The rest though I accept can be put right.
  3. I plan to make them pay for an independant SE to check their calcs. It's 5.7m long, supports the balcony and another beam. My view if 3x9x2 were adequate why not use them in the first place?
  4. Because they had the plan upside down, despite me explaining where everything should be. They have. They are. Really? Re-read my post. It started last week. Sorry but as I said I'm a bit pissed off and don't really want to repeat explain again.
  5. I am the project manager although I didn't think I'd need to stand over people from this company. Can the green panels be repaired or is replacement needed?
  6. Timber frame structure was started last week and the ground floor erected 180 degrees round the wrong way. This was corrected within a day (small house) and the build went on. Now one of the Glulams has turned up about 400mm too short. They intend to replace the beam with 3x9x2 planks bolted together and supply calcs to show this is an adequate replacement. The exterior weather proof membrane has been holed and torn in several places. The interior airtight panels have been damaged and some of the external boarding as also been damaged. The supplier/erector claims the membrane can be patched and this is quite common with this type of build and will make no difference. They have offered to repair sections of the external and internal board. We have asked them to replace any damaged boards rather than not repair, to recover complete sections of the weather proofing membrane rather than patch it. The suppliers seem to think this is unreasonable. It's taken over two years to get to this stage and I'm seriously pissed off.
  7. Yeah that's looking the likeliest option. What's the reliability of WB these days, my Mother's one was terrible, 7 years old and broke down every year.
  8. We need a low out put boiler 10kw (or less) would be ideal. There's only three rads (ensuite, Bathroom, hall) water tank heated by solar and boiler as back up. Any suggestions?
  9. I don't know as only spoke briefly with the supplier. I'm waiting on the revised PHPP before making taking things further.
  10. I'm building Passive certified. The Nilan is similar but it's £5000 here plus the tubing which is £2500 (silver lined apparently).
  11. How does the warm air heating work? Is the only heating you have?
  12. I was surprised to hear Ireland actually has more power than it needs, no FITs over there, they don't want the extra electricity. Water is free, although they do pay for it in taxes. Sadly they still use pellet burners and say they're carbon neutral.