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  1. 1) SunampPV does not require the same maintenance as a combi boiler. Currently there is no formal care package in place but it is something that could be arranged. 2) Currently we are still building up our installer network. We are currently asking for a 24 hour call out service. Furthermore some diagnostic checks can be done remotely. 3) SunampPV is separate from solar panels. I have been advised that it is possible for an installer to supply the same service agreement under the same product. 4) 30, 000 cycles is the current number of the rapid cycle machine and still no degradation. As such, it is difficult to predict when things will start to deteriorate. However lets say that 30, 000 is the number of cycles before the machine is caput and you cycle it twice a day. That would give you 38.5 years of use. You would then call us and and we would dispose of it for you. If you wanted a replacement we would do this too and it would cost around £400 to replace. 5) Haha, I am not actually sure about how much you can put on a steak. However I know that sodium acetate is used in salt and vinegar crisps as flavouring. Could be a way to dispose of the salt, let me know how it goes
  2. Thanks @JSHarris. This information will help me greatly! P.S. Sorry @Onoff think Andrew is a bit secretive about his recipes, although I hear Himalayan salt is all the rage these days
  3. Hey guys, Just had a look at the post today. I am blown away by the number of responses I have received (in a good way ). I have replied to the first question because I knew that one off the top of my head but I will start to work through them in earnest tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to answer all questions but obviously as a small to medium enterprise Sunamp will be careful about releasing technical information regarding research and development. An example of this would be a question asked by @Dudda who asked if Sunamp were going to expand the feed from the SunampPV from 15mm to 22mm. As such, anything I post will need to be reviewed by the powers that be which might take me a bit longer to reply. This may also mean that I won't answer everything in order but I will endeavour to answer all questions. Thanks again
  4. Spot on JS Harris. You have also given me some acronyms to research! One other thing is that there is a central heating product aimed at bigger energy requirements. It is called the SunampStack and provides both hot water and space heating. The CEO, Andrew Bissell has one and it has been installed in larger buildings too. For example it was installed in my town hall (Gullane village hall, East Lothian Scotland) to replace the boiler system. It is also compatible with both air source heat pumps and solar panels and can be charged by both simultaneously. I will leave it there as I don't want to sound to sales-ay.
  5. Hey there everyone, my name is Elliot Wilson and I am the current Technical Blog writer for Sunamp. I am with Sunamp for 12 weeks as part of an internship. During my research into the company I have found posts from the CEO (Andrew Bissell) on the predecessor to this forum, ebuild.com. I am hoping to start up discussions with people who were engaged with Andrew previously. Notable users include: jsharris, recoveringacademic, DamonHD, ProDavie, SteamyTea, notnickclegg and Nickfromwales, among others. I am also hoping to post articles that will be published on the Sunamp webpage. I have been talking to one of the moderators, have been informed of forum policy and have familiarised myself with the T and C's. If I still transgress any rules please let me know. Articles have already written and so it is just a matter of when I want to post them. Article details include: phase change material (SunampPV, latent heat) vs alternative thermal storage (water tanks, sensible heat), a case study of an employees house who has data analysis software which monitors things such as exported, stored and generated electricity amongst other things and (slightly unrelated to Sunamp) a comparison of the Tesla Powerwall 2 vs the Sonnen Eco 8. There will be more. Any questions people want to ask they can contact me through this. Cheers Elliot
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