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  1. Thank you for trying, appreciate it. I will run a new radial circuit back to the Consumer unit from the Airing Cupboard tomorrow ready for an immersion heater switch but I'll leave the thermostat cabling to the pros in future I think 🙈
  2. Thank you everyone for all your help btw, it's been very informative.
  3. Yes I will do that, Can the bottom part continue to be connected to the ASHP and the top connected to a suitably rated wall socket? they wont interfere with each other will they? I suppose I would only use the manual one in emergencies like this.
  4. There is an immersion yes but I wasn't sure if this was a separate part of the tank and not to be used, not sure why this wasn't wired in by the original installer.
  5. Sadly I have checked all of those. Thought I had followed the thermostat installation instructions to the letter but inadvertently caused a big 'bang' and after setting all the MCBs and RCBOS back to the on position and putting the original thermostat back on then sadly there is no power. Nothing to the controller, thermostats, or anything that the ASHP supplies. There is power going to it but nothing coming from it so I suspect I've blown a PCB in there. Such a stupid mistake and after this is all fixed by a pro I wont be touching it again. Expensive lesson to learn I think
  6. This is very frustrating, so no hot water (or heating) until the ASHP gets fixed. Any recommendations for ASHP specialists in South Wales?
  7. Sorry that tank picture didn’t actually show the immersion cable leaving the tank, it just showed the sensor ones above it This cable in this picture goes to a fused spur on the wall which doesn’t appear live, which I assume is because the ASHP is dead.
  8. Thank you all for the help, I assumed that the idea behind the immersion was for a separate source of power in case of emergency. The wiring diagram in the ASHP manual does show a 3 core cable going to the immersion. the cable going from the immersion in the cupboard does go to a switch on the wall but there doesn’t seem to be any power coming from it at all (my basis of this is the voltage testing pen hovering over it and staying green) There is no ‘immersion’ RCD switch on the Consumer Unit, just one for central heating and one for ASHP. So it’s definitely not on its own circuit. I have attached some photos that I hope will help. thanks
  9. Hoping someone can help. Waiting for a Dimplex engineer to come and diagnose a problem in my LA-6 ASHP. There is no power coming from the unit (A PCB may be fried but thats another story) The problem is that I think the DHW unvented tank immersion is powered by the ASHP (or not powered in this case) so currently I have no heating OR hot water. Is this normal setup and is there anything I can do temporarily to get hot water? thanks in advance Buzz
  10. Noticed the control centre for the ASHP was off today, which upon checking meant the UFH wasn't working and hot water wasn't working. Trip switch in the main house circuit board is ok. The Dimplex LA6 heat pump is about 7 years old. I am having an extension built at the moment and there is a possibility that the cable could have been disturbed but is there any advice on the best way or steps to troubleshoot this. Do ASHP just 'die' normally? is there any way to check the unit to see if its that before I start pulling walls down to find the cable the circuit board. Thanks
  11. Hi Pete, Thanks for the response. I think they are just flow controllers on the existing manifold. The problem with adding a bigger manifold is routing the pipes to the extension. It would involve digging up the existing flooring (and underfloor) in order to voting them. Yes the ASHP is circulating the hot water directly I believe. Thanks
  12. Hi Everyone, hoping someone might be able to give me some advice on the best approach to fitting UFH into my extension. Current setup: Dimplex ASHP Dimplex Cylinder in 1st floor landing cupboard Radiators 1st floor UFH ground floor Pump and valves (one for rads and one for UFH) in cylinder cupboard. Manifold downstairs which supplies house with UFH. I'm having a kitchen extension and half of the kitchen will be heated by the existing underfloor and I would also like the new half to be heated by underfloor. What would be the easiest way to install underfloor in the new part of the kitchen extension? Can I just add a manifold into the system by tapping off the flow and return upstairs in the cupboard after the valves? in effect just extending the system? Or would I buy a complete single room kit? Just to add, despite the existing manifold being 5 port the whole downstairs is all controlled from one thermostat so am happy to keep it like this. Routing cables back to the manifold isn't possible due to having to dig up the floor. I have attached pictures of the current setup if that helps. Hoping somebody can help. Thanks Craig