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  1. Thanks for this guys - some useful info. So pi**ed with Buildstore who intimated along the way that it was a 'done deal' and wasn't at all and at this late stage too ! Paul
  2. Just spoke to Ecology and sent our SAP report - short of their required 88 ? Paul
  3. So would you approach Melton BS or Ecology direct ? Cheers Paul
  4. The broker (Buildstore) said Newcastle were the only lender so all looked good - provided ALL the info - told the first stage payment would be £60k - great and then whoosh - pull that rug ! Cheers Paul
  5. I can't believe this has just happened :-( So, we bought a bungalow (£360k) on a decent sized plot - no mortgage and have £218k towards the build so thought we ought to get a small mortgage of £100k as costs had risen etc. Supplied statements for all our accounts including one we have with a bank in the US, everything short of my inside leg measurement. We estimate when the house is complete (4 bed 3 bath 2 storey 2500 sq ft) will be worth £850,000-£875,000.00. We have $250k in the house in the US and £500,000.00 in equity in our buy to let portfolio, After months of hurdles - objections from a neighbour, right to light reports, party wall agreements (even though there is more than 3 metres between properties), planning officer stuck in India (then apparently walking or being sacked), to be followed by another who walked, we finally got planning approval (after I pleaded our case at a council planning meeting) with demolition to start Monday and building commencing next Thursday. Boom - last night the broker mailed to say the lender - Newcastle - had changed their lending critieria and reduced the amount they would lend from £130k to £54k. but instead of showing £218k in our account we now have to show £299k which we don't have and are at a loss where to turn to. Just told my wife and felt she would cry - we are both just gutted and lost for words. Any suggestions at all ? The broker (Buildstore) said that apparently Newcastle are the only self build lenders - The irony is we now have income of £9,000.00 a month coming :-( Thanks Paul
  6. Ok so we bought a 2 bed bungalow which we had intended to have refurbed. However, speaking to the architect about our wish list etc and what we don't want, he's suggested we might just as well knock it down and start again. Thinking logically he is probably right as there is absolutely nothing salvageable and it would be a blank canvas. Sooo, just wondering a rough cost of raising to the ground a 2 bed bnrglow 10metres deep by 8.5 meters wide - we have already ripped out the bathroom and kitchen and a delightful small conservatory at the rear. Anyone have any idea of potential costs ? I had heard £25k-£30k banded around. Thanks Paul
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