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  1. Tempting to rent something that big. It would make very short work of the holes I have to dig. I suspect I would have my basement dug in less than a day... Not sure I coud hire one of those by the day...
  2. After a bit of stop and start I managed to get down to Diggerworld before Xmas and spent good few hours on a JCB 3cx and a Komatsu 22 ton 360. Very enjoyable and worthwhile, got to ask lots of questions and gained some insight. Very helpful bunch
  3. I am (potentially) building in the Beckley/Stanton-St-john area. Provided the LPA pull their finger out and finally issue my pp Thanks I am hoping so - I am gonna have to get my head around CDM next. And no, nothing in this game is cheap.. Will be doing as much as I can myself and going to try and keep the build as simple as possible. Excellent - happy with your JCB or did you which you got a 360 instead? Thanks! I have. I am looking at Jackon ICF and have been on their a current build site in Gloucester. It is going very well by the look of it.
  4. 👍 Don't have kids, but will be sure to find some to take...
  5. Thanks so much for the replies. I did set the notify me but it seem to have sent me a notification. Thanks for this - I will give him a bell. Thanks for this - 90 mins should be enough to make my mind up and should be giggle. The vast majority of stumps are 4 > 6" hawthorn/blackthorn with the odd sycamore that's a bit larger. Certainly nothing older than 20 years. The area that I am allowed to build on is quite small (yay LPA..) and probably won't take much clearing, but I have another 3 acres of literally hundreds of similar trees and brush that I want to clear/landscape. I have spent more weekends than I care to mention cutting and clearing by hand (about 1.5 acres so far) and I come to conclusion that I really want a big ass machine. Yup, already been told I will be very popular locally, especially if I end up with a road going 3Cx. I am reasonably sure I will buy by a machine of some sort. I just figured that a backhoe might be more useful in general considering the mix of clearing/landscaping and general ground works. I sorta figured I might need a dumper as well... Again thanks for all the replies - I will post pictures of my trip to diggerland !
  6. Over the years I have hired a few mini/midi diggers for various home based projects and become quite proficient at using them. I am pretty practical and have pretty much self-taught myself. I am about to embark on my first self build and I am going to need to clear a lot of land and dig a lot of stumps as well as start doing quite a lot of excavating. I could hire another midi-digger but I am thinking a JCB 3cx or similar backhoe loader maybe more useful and just as capable for the majority of excavation that I am doing. I have never driven or operated anything like it. I am looking for a couple of days of introduction and basic operation training, just to get me upto speed on the use and operation of one. I not looking for any formal qualification, but just to spend some time with a knowledgeable person and get some time on a machine before I decide to either rent or buy an older 2nd hand one. I am based in Oxford, but don't mind traveling. Can anyone point me to somewhere that can provide to sort of training I am after? Many thanks for any tips or pointers... (and any pointers to any decent 2nd hand buys )
  7. Hello. I am approaching the end of a multi-year planning process to build a new house in green belt just outside of Oxford. Crossing fingers (and everything else) I am hoping to get a final approval in the next couple of weeks, so am now faced with having to to do something. Hoping to build in ICF, with the intention of getting a main contractor to get me to a main structure with roof, after which I can will then carry on (or organise trades) with 1st and 2nd fix. Or that's the plan. So, will be spending quite alot of time on here I think. Be interested on hearing from any other ICF builders in the Oxford area.