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  1. In your opinion then, if I was to use a 4.0mm Durabase CI matting would I be able to use 12mm ply? How thick does the adhesive need to be between the matting and the ply? The video's I've been watching all seem to show quite a wet looking layer of adhesive so does that mean it would end up not much thicker than the actual matting? Thanks
  2. 20mm floorboards with 12mm ply loosely screwed in over that and finally covered with a wood effect vinyl. Everything feels loose underfoot like the boards are just resting on the joists. I pulled up the vinyl and it looks like a poorly made jigsaw that doesn't fit together.
  3. Hi, this is my first post so be gentle please. I'm about to start tilling the bathroom floor and although I've some experiance tilling walls, this will be my first go at a floor. The first problem I have is how high the bathroom floor would be if I had to glue and screw over the floorboards and then use either a backer board or Ditra matting (yes I've read some of the other threads before posting ) The gap between the top of the bathroom joists and the bottom of the batroom door / landing carpet is 32mm ish so I could probably eek that out a bit more without it looking too much of a step up. My tiles are 8mm thick and if I go with 6mm adheshive and 2mm back butter I'm left with 16mm to put plyboard and anything else thats needed down. My question I guess is that if I were to remove the floorboards could I just put ply straight onto the joists without it causing any issues and what would be best, going with an 18mm ply and tilling straight on top of it or getting a 12mm ply and using Ditra/backer on top. Thanks for any help you can give me and I hope there's not too many people just shaking their heads at me Chris.
  4. Thanks for the welcome and your house looks stunning
  5. Hi, so the house is fully double glazed, has cavity wall insulation as well as loft insulation. As we moved into the house in March of this year I won't know what sort of heating bills we'll be getting at the mo however my mrs works for British gas so we get a bit of a Brucie bonus with the bills. Structure wise everything seems to be ok according to the survey and from what I've checked myself. The main issues are that it's very dated as the lady we bought it off bought it new in 68 and never really did anything to it apart from necessary repairs and fitting a new boiler about eight years ago. Thanks for the link it makes interesting reading
  6. I live in Godley, Hyde. We bought a 60's link detached that hasn't been touched since the early 80's at a guess so pretty much everything needs doing. So far I've had the double glazing changed from aluminium frames to upvc which I got someone in to do and fitted a new kitchen with laminate flooring which I did. I also reboarded the kitchen ceiling and am just waiting for a plasterer to give me a quote but as most of the ceilings want doing I'll probably wait until they're all ready. I think the whole house will want a rewire but I got a electrictian friend to put a consumer unit in when we did the kitchen as the wiring wouldn't take the new hob and oven we bought so that's one room done. The bathroom is next on the list for me so I'll be asking a few questions about tilling floors and walls ect and hopefully anything else that I get stuck on.
  7. Good morning everyone. We bought our house just before lockdown started which has obviously brought a few more challenges to our renovations than we were expecting. We've managed to get a few things done that I guess most would think as the easier projects but there's still plenty to do so hopefully I'll get some good advice from the members on here as I move forward. Thanks