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  1. Thanks all, comments appreciated and helpful. Cheers Brian.
  2. I want to have a wood framed carport built at the gable end of the bungalow. Unfortunately the area is not a regular size, it is wider at the front (drive-in) 3.5m and narrower at the back 2.7m. The diagram of the ground area gives the sizes. Would it be easier to get a 'ready to assemble' structure (ie as in picture) and make the front wider or easier to make the back narrower ? I want the apex roof style so it follows the line of the bungalow roof. I will NOT be doing the work but using a builder/carpenter to do it. I know I could have something built from scratch but I think that this would be the expensive option. Any opinions appreciated. Cheers Brian.
  3. Thanks all. I am getting some advice from the Parish Council as to what has been approved in the past and then will take it from there as to pre-planning or not. Cheers Brian.
  4. Thanks, I always thought I would need planning permission but just wanted to be sure. Cheers Brian.
  5. We moved into our bungalow about 4 years ago (rural East Northants) and always had the intention to build a carport. Last year we created the parking space in front of the gable end and had the garden wall rebuilt, solid and firm. I had initially thought about a cantilever carport (neater/tidier) but found that the bungalow wall is not large enough to take one so its got to be a supported one. As the pictures show it is right at the front of the property and next to the boundary wall so I always assumed that we would need planning permission. However, one company has told me that as we are not going beyond the perceived building line when looking at the white terraced cottages next door then we "probably" don't need it. I realise that they would say that wouldn't they ! They want to sell me a carport. The area is not an even measurement, it is narrower at the back, 2.7m and 3.5m at the front (where I drive in). Bungalow wall is 4.65m long. I would like something that is attached to the bungalow wall and has support legs sitting on top of the garden wall. Could be metal and flat roof or timber with a apex roof line to match the bungalow. Pictures of the area might help you see what I am on about. So, an opinion please, do you think we will need planning permission or not ? Small village (35 houses in total), old and new builds. Just two roads. Mixed street scene. Thanks Brian.