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  1. Im not quite sure what that means. Yes, it is a leanto which fixes onto the house. Are you saying that i dont need any kind of waterproof membrane as such? If i were to drill hole for 50mm vents, would i install them in the area above the rockwool? and how often would i need a vent per joist?
  2. Hello, Thanks for all the replies. Ill try to answer as many questions as i can. The joists are 8" in depth and stand around 4ft between each other. Not reallly too sure on the fall of the roof (25degrees at a guess) and its a lean to from the main house. Are the gaps left by the roofing shape not enough for ventilation? Wall on the house side and opposite side are insulated with 75mm insulation boards of some kind. Wooden doors on the front and glass doors on the rear. We just have block pavers on the floor with carpets laid on top.
  3. Hello, We have just recently moved into a new home and there is a largest shed-like structure we are going to convert into a bar. I am wondered what is the best way to insulate this kind of roof to stop condensation forming and dripping over everything? thanks in advance to any replies.