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  1. Should the concrete slab be reinforced with mesh? I was told by the ready mix company that I only need 100mm and wouldn't need any steel mesh.
  2. Hi, and thanks for replying. You're probably right about loosening the bricks... It'll be better do things in the right order. I think because of the time of year I thought I might be able to put the structure up on the outer wall and then finish the inner wall and pour the slab regardless of the weather. I also need the space , one of the window units is nearly 4m long. It's been a bit more work than I thought (concrete blocks are a bit heavy and not as easy to lay as bricks) and I've had lots of conflicting advice from friends and family, ranging from 'just put it on a bit of rubble to digging down a metre'. I know what you mean about measurements too because one side is 20mm longer than the other. Good job we didn't just assume they'd be the same. I'm using permitted development rights and had to fill a Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Larger Home Extension for the Council. I was told the it was exempt from Building Regs because it's a conservatory and it's under 6m from the house (but only just). Not really thought too much about heating and cooling yet though. thanks again
  3. So I was browsing the internet and mentioned how cheap 2nd hand conservatories were.... Next thing I knew, my wife and daughter had bought one and hired a van. I have built up to ground level with blocks and filled the cavity and I'm using dense concrete blocks to build a dwarf cavity wall 300 wide x 450mm high for the frames to sit on, although there are two short full height walls coming away from the house . My question is: Is it ok to build the outer skin and sit the frames on (without glass) and put up the roof spars to keep it all together before compressing the hardcore for the slab? or, If I compress the hardcore first, could I then build the outer skin and put up the frames (with glass) and polycarb roof on and complete the inner skin later? I'm just thinking that I could continue to build inside if the weather isn't good and I need the space where I'm storing the frames. Thanks... sorry if it's a stupid question.