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  1. Will they still vent the ridge ? All videos I see fixing dry ridge kits no one mentions these trays
  2. Are ridge hip trays needed when using dry ridge system? What are the benefits of doing so ? Thanks
  3. what do you suggest I do woth the roof membrane at the ridge? I'm fixing a dry ridge system and see conflicting comments saying to leave a gap at ridge of 10mm plus and others say to lap the membrane over the rdige from each side. I know that lapping it means better to protect from water ingress. But the gap helps vent the roof ?
  4. House was built in 70s and these are the original redland tiles. So getting replaced with marley. Will have a go at jacking it up when everything is off and see how it goes.
  5. Cheers guys, is it also worth 'sistering' the 2 ridgeboards where they meet ? And can this be a simple 4x2 bolted and sandwiched to rid baord join?
  6. so I'm about to embark on my roof retile this week. I have a sag in the ridge, from the attic I have ridge baord and my understanding is that I havea ridge baord which doesn't provide any structural support and just a baord for the rafters to nail to. When looking along my ridge board inside I can see it has sagged at the join probably only by half an inch (2 seprate boards join in middle. But also the board looks like it has sag in itself. Can I jack this up when all tiles are removed and Add some vertical suports along its length to improve the ridge level ? The doesnt appear to be any sign of rafter movement or cracks to suggest anything more serious.
  7. hi all, I'm about to retire my roof, and change the old 1f felt as its ripped leaking etc.. Can anyone recommend a breathable membrane? Fairly priced. I dont have soffit ventilation but will be fitting 2 vent tiles low down and dry ridge system.